Every morning, our journey starts at a local, family-run Cuban bakery, where we source our freshly baked bread.

In our kitchen, we prepare our pork by marinating it in a homemade citrus-garlic mojo and slow-roasting it for over 14 hours.

We slice smoky Bolo ham, Swiss cheese, and fresh kosher dill pickles, pairing all these ingredients with the classic combination of mustard and mayo.

The result: a perfectly pressed Cuban sandwich, packed with delicious flavors and nostalgic comfort.


Our mission is to celebrate the iconic Cuban sandwich and local flavors that make Miami so special.

The name Cubatón pays homage to Cuban creativity and its impact on the culture of this city.

Just like vibrant Cubatón music, our menu embodies the fusion of flavors that represent Miami.


The exact origin of the Cuban sandwich is up for debate. Some argue it was first created by Cuban immigrants in Key West over 100 years ago; others claim it originated in Tampa.

One thing is certain: the sandwich quickly crossed city borders and solidified its presence in Miami's culinary landscape.

Today, its presence in cafes, ventanitas, and famous restaurants across the city draws food enthusiasts from around the world.

The Cuban sandwich represents Florida's unique history and we are proud to ensure that its legacy lives on.